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Getting older or watching a loved one age can be tough. One way to help make this process go smoother is with quality health care. You can find comprehensive geriatric care that is both convenient and reliable at Danville Patient Care.


Accepting most insurance plans including Medicare.

There are many illnesses and disorders that seem to go hand in hand with aging. Talk to our skilled professionals about any areas you may need treatment in.





-Heart and lung problems and much more

Common aging treatments

When you are told that you have to start injecting with insulin, it can be a little scary. Our team will work diligently with you to ensure you are confident  and educated with diabetes education services and insulin training offered right at the office.


Take a glance at other services you may benefit from in family medicine and internal medicine.

Are you worried about insulin?

When you are aging and you have nobody to help you, talk to our dedicated physicians and staff members about any concerns you may have. Feel empowered with knowledge about your health.

Never feel as though you are all alone

Age with feelings of dignity and grace

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